Our Top Three Travel Tips

The promise of warm weather is incredibly enticing, so its no surprise that this time of year is peak travel season. Indeed, if you are not vacating somewhere warm(er) yourself, than you definitely have a colleague, friend or family member off someplace exotic. With that in mind, we at the R8 have compiled a list of our top three travel tips to ensure that your well-deserved vacation is as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

1.)  Culture

The Museum of Modern Art- New York

 To better understand a new country’s culture, it is important to visit their museums and art galleries. You are guaranteed to learn something new about the regions history and artistic perspective. Having a deeper appreciation of both a country’s past and aesthetics truly enhances your experience in a new place.

2.)  Shopping

Carnaby Street London

Whilst the cultural component of a vacation is paramount, we think it is equally as important to have a wander around the shops. It is easy to just see one aspect of a place if you spend all of your time in museums and art galleries. To make sure your vacation is multi-dimensional get to the streets and have stroll. You’ll be able to pick up various pieces that are unique to the respective country. Going on a shopping spree will allow you to indulge in your inner consumer and interact with the locals more!

3.)  Food

Tagine- National Dish

Another great way to explore a new country is via it’s cuisine. In fact, the culture and history of a place can often times be represented in its food. Better yet, trying new cuisines is exciting and yummy! There is no better way to learn about a new place than by its gastronomy.

By following our top three travel tips, you are bound to have a fantastic vacation!

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