The Best Cities to Visit as a Young Tourist


Berlin Street Art

Berlin Street Art

Berlin is an extremely vibrant and bustling city- the perfect destination for a young tourist. Its nightlife is highly celebrated and the sound of techno electronic dance music can be heard in a copious amount of clubs. However, if that’s not your ideal night out, it is just as easy to find bars that play different jams. As well as having a varied nightlife, Berlin’s parties are recognized for their length. Clubs and bars don’t have to abide by fixed time laws, thus places can be open all night and well into the morning. This alone, makes Berlin worth visiting in your twenties.

There is an undisputable grit about the place- a vibe that would certainly resonate with a young tourist. Graffiti runs rampant on the streets, so much so that street art is symbolic of Berlin. In fact, some make the long journey specifically to admire the artwork.

The culture is certainly quirky- but for those that want their sightseeing fix, Berlin has much to offer. It has a distinctive history that is reflected in its architecture. In fact it is easy to be whisked away into the city’s past when visiting the Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall.

Overall, Berlin is the ultimate city to visit in your youth, as its spirit is both young and progressive.

San Francisco

View of San Francisco

View of San Francisco

San Francisco has long been celebrated as one of America’s most tolerant and liberal cities. Indeed, many have fled their respective conservative towns in hopes of finding a more inclusive community in the bay. Now, San Francisco is home to the eclectics and oddballs thus a distinct culture has arisen. The city is home to some of the most unusual places and attractions including a whiskey warehouse and street murals on Balmy.

There are certainly plenty of ‘San Francisco-esque’ attractions to visit, but what makes the city so appealing to the young tourist is its counterculture atmosphere. This place is exceptionally progressive- indeed it is the home of hundreds of anti-war, feminist and LGBT protests. Some would argue San Francisco is the epicenter of tolerance. It’s the perfect place to visit for those who identify with this political scene.

Perhaps, what makes the trip to the west coast most enticing is the fact that during your visit you are able to participate in a multitude of activities. Sure, visiting the city is extremely entertaining, but should you find doing so to be too hectic it is just as easy to relax on some of the beautiful beaches around the bay area (we recommend checking out Pebble beach and Limantour beach) Should you get the chance to head west you’re bound to have a fantastic time!


View of Tokyo

View of Tokyo

We are living in a highly globalized world. Because of this, many of our cities have become gentrified thus they tend to all look and feel the same. In saying this, there are some exceptions- and one place springs to mind immediately: Tokyo.  Not to say that the city is closed off- indeed they are certainly willing to take on the perspective and cultural influences of other global cities. However, when doing so Tokyo always adapts said influences and makes them its own. Being able to experience the familiar in a new way makes travelling to Tokyo worth the journey.

What also makes the place so unique is how it remains both modern and ancient simultaneously. It is highly developed; there is no shortage of skyscrapers and sophisticated technologies. Yet equally, this city makes a point of preserving many heritage sights including ancient temples and shrines.

For the young western tourist who truly wants to be immersed in a place that they have never been before, we cannot recommend going to Tokyo enough.

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