A Gastronomy Tour Through Morocco

If you haven’t read ‘Our Top Three Travel Tips’ yet, definitely go and have a look at the article. (Click here: https://ther8.wordpress.com/2014/07/03/our-top-three-travel-tips-2/) Our most exciting tip (at least to us here at theR8) is to learn about a new place via its gastronomy. Taking our own advice on board, we have decided to compile a list of Morocco’s best restaurants.

View of Fez

Fez- Morocco

Ruined Garden

Ruined Garden offers modern Moroccan cuisine. Indeed, the menu is a contemporary take on traditional street food. The food is always fresh as their produce is locally grown- ensuring that the meals are positively delectable. The décor of the restaurant is very much inspired by the name- in fact the place is set up in an actual garden, making it the perfect place to dine on a warm, sunny day. But fear not, should the nice weather dissipate there is an indoor option.

Dar Roumana

French chef, Vincent Bonnin believes in celebrating fine produce- and this is certainly reflected in his menu. Indeed, the menu itself varies depending on the time of the year and what fruits and vegetables are in season. The cuisine is a moshposh of the best Mediterranean and Moroccan eats. The actual restaurant is stunning- most striking is the vibrant tiling. If the food doesn’t entice you (although we would be surprised to find that’s the case), then it’s worth a visit for the décor alone.

View of Casablanca

Casablanca- Morocco

La Fibule

The food at La Fibule is a yummy blend of Lebanese and Moroccan flavors. We highly recommend munching on the beef couscous- in fact this meal is one of their most celebrated options on the menu. The food is fantastic, however it is the location that makes this place so wonderful. Guests are spoiled with an unbeatable ocean view. They have the option to dine in either the traditional salon or, if the weather permits are encouraged to sit outside on the terrace.

Restaurant al-Mounia

Last on our list is Restaurant al-Mounia. The food here is traditional; align with the theme of the other options. With that being said, some of the meals have surprising flavor twists, exciting customers and alluring them to come back time and time again. There is no better place to go, than Restaurant al-Mounia for a taste of Morocco’s best-made national dishes.

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