Did you know business travel doesn’t have to be stressful?

A big meeting is plenty stressful, but adding travel into the equation turns the volume up to 11. You’re already worried about having enough time to catch your connecting flight, so here’s one less thing to worry about — your hotel booking.

o-WOMAN-BUSINESS-TRIP-facebookThe free concierge service from TheR8 is everything you’ll need. When your concierge books we contact the hotel, we let them know that a VIP guest is arriving, and we try to squeeze out as many extras out of the hotel on behalf of that client, as possible. Upgrading our clients, contacting the hotel direct, pushing for extras, whether it’s a bottle of wine on arrival, a welcome gift, personalised letter, anything to make our clients life easier. Further to this if you have cancellations or changes, you can deal directly with your travel concierge so you don’t have to have the stress. The only thing that our clients need to do is look forward to their travel and relax. We know that the market is fluctuating, prices are dynamic and they’re changing all the time and we always want to get our customers the best price possible within a 24h window of booking.

Every place, from Singapore to Stockholm, is different and special. Traveling is a wonderful opportunity to gain perspective and learn more about the world around you. Business trips can provide such a chance for yourself or your employees – and bring value to your organization at the same time.relax-at-work

Diversity, compassion, and understanding are important qualities for today’s companies to possess. As you move around the world, take time to discover a new culture, and understand where your clients and investors are coming from. Carving out an hour to explore a museum or try traditional cuisine isn’t just relaxing – it’s research. And those experiences can add a depth to your business relationships that your competitors might not have.

Decision makers within organizations are beginning to see the value of a more relaxed business trip – and they’re developing solutions to make that a reality.  Research has shown that unhappy workers are less productive than their happy counterparts, and the stress that travel often induces can have an adverse effect on performance. With important presentations and client satisfaction at stake, it just makes sense to invest in a traveling employee’s well-being.

Book your relaxed business trip via our website http://www.TheR8.com or call our free concierge service on 1800 908 254

W: http://www.TheR8.com

E: info@ther8.com

P: 1800 908 254

resource references: Concur


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