You can shake the sand from your shoes… but it will never leave your soul

Traveling is about culture, food, shopping but also about sports. At we love sport, so we will take you around the world for the best watersport places. Of course you’ll need your rest after a long day, that’s why we are here. Let us know where you’re going and call our free concierge service on 1800 908 254 and one of our travel experts will be happy to assist you with your booking to the best watersport places!

Paros, GreeceGreece.com_1_paros_kitesurfing_1000x560 In Paros, the wind is strong and constant, perfect for windsurfers. This is the main attraction for windsurfers from all over Europe. Many famous pro-riders often visit and ride from Paros beach because of the unique conditions and hospitality.In rare case of no wind there are many alternative activities to do here, such as PADI scuba diving, stand up paddling, down winders, canoe, kayak, snorkeling dives, wakeboarding, boat trips and much more. Also, you may know that in the past, the Professional Windsurfers Association World Cup has taken place in Paros island.

Jeffreys Bay, South Africaenhanced-buzz-wide-2562-1371491514-19 South Africa has one of the most popular area in the world, Cape Town. Jeffreys Bay, that is located in the Eastern Cape province is one of the most famous surfing location. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Jeffreys Bay was known as a hippie hangout, where the now-burgeoning surf community originated. Jeffreys Bay has grown from a sleepy little fishing town over the past few years and is one of the fastest expanding urban areas in the country

Tenerife, Spain15naishkb_©swhitesell02_jpg Tenerife, the largest of the Spanish Canary Islands, located just off the coast of Africa, is a great destination for kitesurfing. Blessed with consistent NE trade winds and many sunny days, this island has very inviting conditions and has on average over 250 kiteable days each year. Tarifa and Tenerife are considered a paradise for the kitesurfing fans. Also, the beaches are incredible and also the surf conditions, huge waves, strong winds and continuous sunshine.

Australiasurfer_bells_beach Australia is renowned as one of the world’s premier surfing destinations. Its 37,000km coastline is blessed with beach, reef and point breaks to challenge the most experienced board-riders. For the less adept, there are countless easy-rolling swells that beginners can paddle onto safely and with confidence.Whether your preferred spot is Tallow Beach, Watego’s, Main Beach, the wreck at Belongil or elsewhere,the compelling factor here has always been the vibe. Kombi vans, dreadlocks, hippie gatherings, communal drumming and a collective feeling that there’s nothing to do tomorrow but get up and do it all again.

Sacramento, America nick-parsons1 If you’re a hard-core skier in the greater Sacramento area, chances are you belong to one of many private ski clubs that flourish there. Clubs like Bell Acqua, Ski Sunset Ranch, Liquid Zone and Stillwater Ranch are where most Sacramento tournament skiers go for great skiing on exclusive lakes. While initially this might sound a bit constricting, full access to pristine conditions and gear as well as a built-in group of ski buddies make membership an attractive option. For skiers who don’t want to carve turns in the confi nes of a 2,000-foot-long, man-made lake, Sacramento is known as the “River City” due to two major rivers converging near its downtown area. Both the American and Sacramento Rivers offer an abundance of glassy free-skiing runs.



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