Sleeping with the lions..

If you want to be able to enjoy one of the most authentic South African safari experiences possible, then you should definitely head to the picturesque Lions Sands Game Reserve  right away. However, apart from admiring majestic giraffes, lumbering hippos or superb lions in their natural habitat, you’ll definitely want to come back to a warm bed and a hot meal at the end of the day, right?

The luxury lodges and treehouses at the Lions Sands Game Reserve offers guests a one of a kind stay in the South African outback. The hotel features 5 lodges and 3 treehouses in total which offer beautiful views and are located in the middle of the beautiful natural setting. In addition to the luxurious lodges, adventurous guests have the chance to spend the night in one of the 3 treehouses and get lost in the distant stars by candlelight. Sophisticated guests don’t have to abstain from luxurious amenities and interiors like whirlpools and fireplaces that punctuate your perfect stay.

Call our free concierge service on 1800 908 254 and one of our travel experts will be happy to assist you with your booking.













P: 1800 908 254

resource references: mrgoodlife


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