Tips for Visiting Paris on a Budget

Paris can be an incredibly expensive city– it is, after all, a world center for luxury goods, gourmet restaurants, opulent palace hotels and the like. As a result, you may (logically) assume that seeing Paris on a budget isn’t realistic, or would amount to a miserable, pauper-like experience. Luckily, a visit to Paris doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s entirely possible to eat well, find clean and decent accommodations, and enjoy discounted and free attractions while still having the sense that you’re living it up in one of the world’s most gorgeous cities.

1: Finding Cheap Flights or Trains to Paris

Booking several months ahead of your trip to Paris is crucial if you want to secure a good fare, especially if you’re traveling from overseas. When booking a flight, you should also explore airfare/hotel package deals, as these can sometimes offer significant savings. Call the free concierge service from TheR8 on 1800 908 254  for a quick and reliable overview of vacation packages to Paris.

2: Budget Accommodations in Paris

Paris has hundreds of hotels, and in the budget to mid-range many are just as comfortable and pleasant as more luxurious counterparts. Apartment rentals in hotel-villa-margaux-opera-montmartre-paris-028Paris have become another popular option– and will save you a lot of money on eating out assuming the apartment comes furnished with a kitchen. If you’re really cash strapped, you might even consider a stay in a Paris hostel or find accommodations by couch surfing.

Check out Villa Margaux Opéra Montmartre in Paris. The hotel is located halfway between Montmartre (Sacré-Cœur) and the Opera Garnier, and less than a 3-minute walk to 2 Metro stations, Saint Georges and Pigalle. 9th arr. is a great choice for travellers interested in shoppingmuseums and architecture Price starts at A$119 a night. 

3: Getting Around: Transportation and Tours

lux_660x280_paris_MetroSign01Paris has an excellent public transportation system, and tickets and passes are relatively inexpensive. Hop-on, hop-off bus tours are also fairly accessible options for getting around and touring the city. We also recommend using the Paris public bus system– many of the lines have very picturesque routes, and more autonomous travelers may do well this way.

4: Budget Sightseeing in Paris: Best Options?

Despite its reputation as a center for luxury, Paris prides itself on being accessible. Dozens of free museums, annual events and other attractions are in store for the budget-conscious Paris visitor. Not to mention that many of the city’s most impressive monuments and sites, including Notre Dame Cathedral, Sacre Coeur, or even the banks of the Seine, can be visited free of charge.

05muhlke-hightea-tmagArticleYou can take in opulent settings without spending a fortune. Try reserving tea at the Ritz Hotel or at the nearby Angelina– it’ll set you back a few dollars to order tea or hot chocolate at these hallowed places, but in exchange you can soak up a little luxury and still stick to your budget.

Discount cards like the Paris Museum Pass, bus or boat tours and using public transport intelligently can also help immensely.

5:Eating Out on a Budget in Paris: Easier Than it Seems

Schermafbeelding 2015-04-14 om 10.35.09Paris may be known for its high number of Michelin-star gourmet restaurants, but it also offers plenty in the way of delicious, inexpensive fare. The trick is knowing where to go, since quality and price don’t necessarily line up in Paris as you’d expect. You can afford to splurge on one or two nice meals if you manage to nosh on cheap and delicious Paris street food for a few meals, or even stock up on goodies at a local Paris food market and stage a picnic or two.

6: Budget Shopping in Paris: Chic Style for Less

It may be one of the world’s reigning capitals of fashion, but this doesn’t mean shopping in Paris has to cost an arm and a leg.

Twice a year, the French hack the prices of a majority of their off-season clothing and open the doors to swarms of eager shoppers. Every January and July, as much as 75% is taken off retail items, for a month of bargain hunting in most stores in the country. One word of warning– make sure get to shops fast. You might also make time for a pleasant whirl at a Paris flea market– and come up away with a couple of unexpected treasures in the process.

7: Budget Nightlife in Paris

imageTucked between Belleville and Oberkampf, the district Menilmontant and Gambetta , touching both the 11th and 20th arrondissements, features several lively streets packed with bars that are both affordable and still relatively free of tourists. Check out  La Bellevilloise (19-21, rue Boyer): Multitasking as a bar, restaurant, club, and exhibition space, this building once housed Paris’ first workers’ co-operative. Film and music festivals take place on the top level, while downstairs, the club and concert venue feature new bands and an ’80s night.



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resource reference: abouttravel 


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