Sensational Sunset Spots in Ibiza

Summer is coming and Ibiza is gearing up for a new season. Get your flights and hotel booked and head out to the white sands, turquoise waters and hidden beauty of Ibiza. The superclub crowd has been over shadowed by the party goers from St Tropez, the super yacht owner’s on the harbour showing how the cash is splashed on the Riviera.

Your Ibiza holiday experience will not be complete without witnessing at least one soul-shaking sunset. You can watch the sunset a thousand times over, and it will have a mesmerizing effect on you every time. It is the greatest free show on earth, and there is a reason why they say no two sunsets are ever the same. Whether it is the play of colours, the clouds or the stunning scenery, every sunset is unique, but the key requirement to the perfect show is an unobstructed view in plush, exclusive surroundings. Here are some of the prime locations scattered over Ibiza in which to experience a truly magical sunset.

Eden Restaurant

The newest addition to the Hacienda Na Xamena hotel it the aptly-named Eden restaurant – a sunset lounge perched atop a 180 meter cliff. Eden is one of the hot and happening places on the island, with levelled terraces that offer unsurpassed sea views. Take a front row seat and indulge yourself in what Eden refers to as “fooding” – a mixture between food and feeling. The vibe is sexy and glamorous while you experiment with new culinary sensations. Aside from delectably dishes and colourful cocktails, the evening is accompanied by live music, DJ’s, fashion shows and show-cooking.


Pearl Restaurant

The upmarket Pearl Restaurant, crown of the Ocean Beach Club, is one of the most high-end dining spots in the San Antonio strip. The restaurant is accessed via an exclusive VIP entrance on the promenade, where you are whisked away to a romantic table subtly illuminated by fairy lights. These tables are sea facing, where you are guaranteed an exquisite sunset.



With Indian vibe and African dance performances this place offers next to the beautiful sunset, a free-spirited atmosphere hosting many young artists, diverse cultures and upbeat music. If you’re up to some of the island’s exoticism, go and order a shisha with a freshly squeezed tropical juice. Watch the sun go down in a hub of colors and relax on its terraces.


Cap d’es Falcó

Cap d’es Falcó is only accessible via a bumpy dirt road through the national park of Ses Salines, but it is the place to be if you are looking for a touch of glam and to rub shoulders with a few international celebrities. Its popularity lies in its head chef who can conjure up Italian-inspired masterpieces, but the waterside setting is the real show-stealer. The trademark boat bar offers stunning views over the rolling hills and ocean, which makes it the perfect sunset-setting.


Experimental Cap d’es Falco

Another spectacular sunset destination can be found at Cap d’es Falcó in Experimental Beach Club down in the South of Ibiza. The surroundings and overall ambience is simply so special that there’s no wonder it all makes a perfect location for any occasion: lounging with a drink, dining, birthdays, wedding, business meeting etc. This beach club has a very unique “Ibiza Style” cocktail, so don’t forget to try fresh strawberry Daiquiri for that summer heat.


Sunset Ashram

Ibiza has for sure a spiritual side and Sunset Ashram will show you what it is. Any night of the week guests are coming here for its world-renowned sunset accompanied by the themed soundtracks. And while waiting a bit for your sunset experience, order some nice dinner, shop in their small boutique or listen to live music and DJs.


Have you been on a  holiday to Ibiza recently? What were your highlights?

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