6 Islands Every Traveler Must Visit

There are hundreds of thousands of islands dotting our oceans and lakes, even 180,000 in Finland alone, but we have managed to narrow down 6 to populate our ultimate list. The 6 best Islands in the world won’t fail to capture your imagination.

This list combines Islands from around the world to satisfy any traveler’s international desires. Whether you crave a purely relaxing vacation or an adventurous beach retreat, there are plenty of options for you. The seclusion alone is enough to entice the most experienced travelers, creating a “hard-to-get” appeal that creates a lust for isolation. Although difficult to choose, the six best Islands in the world won’t disappoint.

Number 6 – Malta


History aficionados have long-loved this Mediterranean nation, evidence that you don’t need palm trees or daiquiris to be one of the world’s most tantalizing islands. Limestone cliffs are dotted with baroque churches, crumbling castle walls, and fortresses. With the debut of a new Renzo Piano-designed open-air theater, visitors can now marvel at the contrast of 21st and 16th-century architecture. Take one look at this handsome Bronze Age island, set between Sicily and the North African coast, and you will want to venture here immediately.

Number 5 – Great Barrier Reef Islands, Australia


This is the island of choice for the adventure-seeking traveler. A vast, 1,600-mile sweep of coral reef unfurls from the northeastern tip of Australia, teeming with more than 400 species of marine life spanning from the great baleen whales to thorny urchins. Divers can be found year-round in this labyrinth of 3,000 plus individual reefs, one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World and the largest living feature on Earth, made from billions of coral polyps. In addition, it is here you can find some of Australia’s must outstanding resorts, form unique to lavish. The Great Barrier Reef can satisfy even the most lavish of appetites.

Number 4 – Maui, Hawaii


Hawaii’s most popular Island has gained its fame for the numerous celebrities that travel to its gorgeous beaches every year. It’s a veritable melting pot for the next generation, complete with buzzy cosmopolitan neighborhoods and ultra-chic resorts as well as breathtaking natural sights to seduce visitors and natives with intrinsic force. The second you step foot on this beautiful haven, you will understand the allure that captures so many celebrities.

Number 3 – Moorea, French Polynesia


This heart-shaped island levitating on the South Seas has convinced even the most selective travelers that there is such a thing as paradise on Earth. The impeccable Island owes its allure to the impossibly blue lagoons and rugged, rainforest-blanketed mountains. The neighboring Bora Bora proves just as desirable, with an even more elusive, isolated appeal. For the exotic-minded traveler, these Islands should be first on your list.

Number 2 – Santorini, Greece


Everyone has seen a picture of Santorini, and that excitement surrounding this Island is nothing but warranted. Everything is brighter on Santorini, where stark-white houses and blue-domed churches erupt down the sides of an ancient caldera. The Island’s most popular attractions include the black sands of Perissa Beach, the richly preserved, prehistoric Akrotíri settlement, best known as the “Minoan Pompeii,” and the postcard-worthy sunsets over Oia, the cliff-top village that is one of the most photographed spots in the world. This is the destination for a mixture of isolated beaches, quaint town landscapes, and an exciting nightlife.

Number 1 – Galapagos Islands, Ecuador


Proving one of the most inaccessible archipelagos on our list, there is little debate that the Galapagos Islands come first on our list. This wildlife-filled archipelago, hundreds of miles off Ecuador’s shores, has long tempted thrill-seekers and photography enthusiasts with its pods of sea lions, flightless cormorants, the world’s only seafaring lizards, and short-feathered penguins that dart casually across the equator. The Islands of the Galapagos maintained even Darwin’s imagination until his death, they are sure to capture yours on a two week vacation. The Islands, although difficult to reach, are worth the hassle, as they hold countless species the rest of the world has never seen. The diving parallels that of the most popular dive spots in the world, and the towns match the peculiarity of Santorini. There is no traveler in the world who’s appetite cannot be satiate by these impeccable Islands.

Islands have long captured the imagination of travelers, as their isolation and unique landscapes are impossible to find elsewhere in the world. Whether you desire a relaxing utopia, an adventurous excursion, or an historic vacation, there is an Island on this list for you, and we at TheR8 are ready to take you there.

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Resource References: travelandleisure.com


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