About TheR8

∗ 270.000 Hotels Worldwide
∗ Global VIP Access
∗ Free company concierge service
∗ Automatically price match within 24h
∗ Access to personalized portal
∗ 24-hour Global Support
∗ Exclusive offers, deals and discounts
∗ Upgrades, extras

From the team that created the latest hotel booking website THER8.com, comes a industry leading corporate hotel booking platform that allows clients to make money back on hotel booking, rather then paying out continuous fees and charges to external companies. This new system is changing the rules of hotel bookings and allowing users more freedom, selection, security and most importantly a greater return over every booking they make.

Travel can be a headache, or it can make you feel alive — we know which one we’d prefer. If you’ve got a question or a special request our concierge service team is always ready to help.
When your concierge books, we contact the hotel, we let them know that a VIP guest is arriving, and we try to squeeze out as many extras out of the hotel on behalf of that client, as possible. Further to this if you have cancellations or changes, you can deal directly with your travel concierge so you don’t have to have the stress. All our clients need to do is look forward to their travel and relax knowing that you are in safe hands.

TheR8.com is changing the rules of hotel bookings. Providing the same competitive prices as some of the biggest names in the industry combined with a sense of sophistication and style that has never before been seen, TheR8.com is providing the future of hotel bookings.

For any bookings or questions, please feel free to contact our free concierge service on 1800 908 254 and one of our travel experts will be happy to assist you to help create your unique traveling experience.

W: http://www.TheR8.com

E: info@ther8.com

P: 1800 908 254


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