Are you a self-confessed chocoholic eager to indulge in your passion during your next vacation? TheR8 knows what is good for you! Here is a list of 10 hotels for true chocolate fans.

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1: Boucan by Hotel Chocolat, St. Lucia

boucan-by-hotel-chocolat-building-wall-brand-d-03-x2The founders of the British chocolate line Hotel Chocolat bought St. Lucia’s oldest cocoa estate—a 140-acre working plantation surrounded by rainforest—and turned it into a hotel. Unsurprisingly, the sweet treat is an in-room amenity, and can also be found in plenty of dishes at the on-site restaurant. The antioxidant power of the cacao bean is also harnessed at the Cocoa Juvenate Spa, which offers treatments like facials, exfoliating scrubs, and mani-pedis.

2: Jade Mountain, St. Lucia

54cfb1919abb8d533165cb32_chocolate-hotel-jade-mountain-st-luciaChocolate lovers can get an inside look at how the stuff is made at Jade Mountain, which makes its own chocolate from cocoa beans grown at the resort. At the on-site Chocolate Laboratory, guests can sample all kinds of sweets, or—if you’re looking for something more hands-on—make their own fudge and chocolate bars. The resort also offers extended workshops, including a four-day Discover Chocolate Festival that happens every fall—it’s like paradise for the most dedicated chocoholics.

3: Chocolate Boutique Hotel, Bournemouth UK

a_chocolate-fountai-aOwners Gerry and Roo Wilton opened the Chocolate Boutique Hotel in 2007, and have been offering—as the name would suggest—a chocolate-heavy experience for guests ever since. The cocoa theme begins with the rooms, decorated in delicious shades of brown and with thematic names like Xocoatl or Mocha. Chocolate-tasting and –making classes are also on offer, and there are even themed packages that bring a private chocolate fountain to your room.

4: Roses & Xocolate, Mérida Mexico

diff-rosasyxocolate-1You can’t miss this beautiful boutique hotel: It’s housed in two colonial mansions that were painted with a bright-pink façade. The hotel’s owners partnered with Mathieu Brees, a Belgian chocolatier who owns his own chocolate store, Ki’Xocolatl, in Mérida, to provide goodies to hotel guests. The hotel spa, meanwhile, incorporates cocoa into several of its treatments, including an exfoliating manicure and a firming facial.

5: Viceroy Zihuatanejo, Zihuatanejo Mexico

Chocolate+Cocktails+and+ChocolatWhile this romantic Mexican hotel isn’t chocolate-themed per se, it does offer plenty of ways for chocophiles to indulge around Valentine’s Day. A special chocolate dinner for two happens right on the beach, and features the sweet ingredient used in a number of savory ways. There will also be a more casual tasting in the hotel’s Coral Bar, where guests can sample truffles, mousse, and other delectable items.

6: Hugo Hotel, New York

Flourless Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Cake (2)Winter in New York can be cold and bitter, so warm up by planning a night around the Hugo Hotel’s seasonal hot chocolate menu. This isn’t your childhood cup of Swiss Miss: The grownup-friendly offerings include warming drinks like the Dirty French (flavored with Chartreuse) and L’Orange (a combination of hot chocolate, Cointreau, and Drambuie).

7: The Langham, Boston

75b70827d84dc9a8b76e9b3c5ced4630Prepare to be overwhelmed: The Langham Boston’s Chocolate Bar, which is open for Saturday brunch, features more than 100 dishes that incorporate the cocoa bean and its variants, inspired by cuisines around the world. Buffet stations feature crepes, chocolate fountains, and chocolate lava cake. The hotel has also recently unveiled a special chocolate-themed suite, where cocoa-dusted items are on a special en-suite menu, candy is featured prominently, and chocolate-inspired movies are available to watch.

8: Peninsula Chicago

Lobby-Chocolate-Desserts-Assorted-1When staying at the Peninsula Chicago, make sure to leave room after dinner for Chocolate at the Pen, the hotel’s chocolate buffet, available on Friday and Saturday evenings. Items vary from one week to the next and a dedicated “Chocolate Sommelier” is on hand to assist with tough decisions.

9: Adelphi Hotel, Melbourne Australia

img_6822In 2013, Adelphi Hotel reinvented itself as a dessert-themed hotel—with carpets patterned to look like cakes and furniture resembling candy. Desserts take center stage at the hotel’s restaurant Om Nom—including the “Basil Garden” (dark chocolate, vanilla, olive oil, honey, basil, lime, white chocolate, and meringue).

10: Hotel Sacher Vienna, Austria

_74740907_cake2Although its claim to the label has caused some controversy in the past, Hotel Sacher Vienna insists that its version of the famed chocolate cake is the original Sachertorte, made using the recipe perfected by Franz Sacher in 1832. The sweet treat features apricot jam spread over layers of chocolate cake, and it’s served throughout the hotel (alongside cups of Sacher coffee). You don’t even necessarily have to go to Vienna to get a piece: The hotel also sells cakes online.

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