Here are one of the most amazing hotels in the world that are worth visiting. Although, there may be many who cannot afford these locations but most of us would love to spend some quality time with our family and friends in these fantastic places. So if you were looking for a calm retreat, here you go.

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The Caves Resort, Jamaica

A luxurious oceanfront resort built into the cliffs. The Caves is a collection of twelve private cottages atop a cliff, overlooking the ocean, with plenty of jumping-off points to impress one’s companion and other guests. For those with a beach fetish, consider this: the sea looks better from higher up, and at The Caves it becomes your own private pool. Below, in the cliffside, are natural volcanic caves and grottos which can be explored whilst swimming, or set up for private candlelight dinners. The cottages themselves, designed by Greer-Ann and Bertram Saulter, are after the style of a tropical hut, with thatched roofs, natural ventilation, and construction of wood and stone, and each has a view of the Caribbean Sea.

Price starts at A$688 a night.


Astarte Suites Hotel, Greece

The hotel is located in Santorini and features one of the most amazing outdoor pool and full-service spa. The rooms feature lavish balconies that overlook the beach or the sea view. It has more than nine air-conditioned guestroom with almost every entity that you might have wanted at such a haven.
Overall, the Astarte Suits Hotel gives you a thrilling accommodation experience that makes your holidays spending here worthwhile. The extremely harmonious ambience, the mesmerizing view and the blissful surrounding gives you an endless feeling of peace and tranquility. Every suite has a private balcony where guests can enjoy their complimentary drinks while overlooking the breathtaking view of the sea. Moreover, the guests also have the privilege of enjoying the swimming pool while munching on light snacks and sipping refreshments. The sumptuous bathrooms also have Jacuzzis and all the linen, materials and clothes are of the best quality to ensure the ultimate accommodation for all the guests who want to make the best of their holiday.

Price starts at A$190 a night.

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Rayavadee Krabi, Thailand

Situated at the heart of the stunning Phranang Peninsular on the edge of Krabi Marine National Park, Rayavadee nestles discreetly amidst tropical gardens and coconut groves against a backdrop of sheer cliffs, lush jungle foliage and the clear waters of the Andaman Sea. In addition to stylish, five-star accommodation, Rayavadee boasts fine cuisine, one of the most unique relaxation spas in Thailand and warm, attentive service. It has an outdoor pool, a tennis court and a beachside bar. It offers more than 100 air-conditioned guestrooms with amenities that you may never find elsewhere.

Price starts at A$460 a night.

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Dedon Island Resort, Philippines

How about going to a villa located in the remote island of white sand beaches, world-class surf breaks and small fishing villages? Well, welcome to Dedon Island Resort that can literally take your breath away with its swinging daybeds, Raten chairs and mind blowing surrounding ambience. The resort is owned by soccer star turned furniture designer Bobby Dekeyser. The moment you enter the resort’s super comfortable jitney, you are in the hands of high luxury, world-class facility and great taste. The villas out here are flawless and give you some very nice attention to detail such as organic soaps and embellishments with seashells. The food out here is simply delicious relying on fresh local ingredients like calamansi and grilled mahi-mahi.

Price starts at A$1100 a night.

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Panchoran Retreat, Bali

there can be no place in the world that will connect you so much with nature as the ever favorite Panchoran Retreat, Bali. The hotel is located right in the middle of the forest close to Ubad, Indonesia. It has a breathtaking view and is completely designed with nature as its inspiration. Each room has been designed in such a way that it becomes difficult to say the interior from the exterior. The entire project is made from sustainable and recycled materials, so if you were looking for a completely natural and eco-friendly abode, this is the right destination.


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