5 Places Every Traveller in Their 20’s Should Have on Their Bucket List

Got a Case of Wanderlust?

These 5 destinations will be sure to satisfy and they are perfect for young travellers!

1.) New Orleans, Louisiana



There is no American city quite like New Orleans. Dubbed “The Big Easy”, this city is truly the place to be whether you’re a music junkie or party animal.  Stroll down the city’s well-known Bourbon street while sipping on a beer (thanks to NOLA’S open container laws) and embrace the laid back lifestyle by celebrating the vibrant jazz music and round-the-clock nightlife at a nearby club.  Of course there is more to New Orleans than just the buzzing city streets, and this can be discovered with a boat tour of Louisiana’s one of a kind swamps.  Admire the extraordinary Spanish moss and exotic flora while getting up close and personal with alligators! 

Last but not least, Mardi Gras! When most people think of New Orleans strings of colourful plastic beads and feather covered masks immediately come to mind.  The Carnival Season begins in New Orleans on “Fat Tuesday”, and is the prime time to visit for Mardi Gras. Compete for some beads while cheering for the dazzling parade floats that attract a million people annually.  This year February 9 th will mark the start of Mardi Gras and with just days away, don’t forget to check out some awesome deals on New Orleans hotels so you don’t miss out on what is known as the “Greatest Free Show On Earth”.  There’s no question that NOLA should top any young travellers list.


2.) Ibiza, Spain


Ibiza boasts some of the most outstanding sunsets in the world and offers a lifestyle that will not disappoint those who like to get out and have a good time.  Ibiza is home to the hottest nightclub in the world, Space Ibiza, and features only the hottest DJ’s in EDM. If hitting the most unique clubs with friends at night just isn’t enough, Ibiza is famous for offering all-day boat parties so you can booze while getting sun-kissed. Start planning your spring break trip today and find amazing deals!


3.) Patagonia


For the active and adventurous, Patagonia is an excellent destination for those who truly appreciate all that nature has to offer.  South America has become increasingly popular as a destination for young travellers, and Patagonia is a wonderful spot, with easy access to explore both Chile and Argentina.  When you’re not busy hanging out with penguins and trekking the pristine glaciers, you can white water raft and horseback ride down trails with exquisite views that you’ll always want to remember.


4.) Las Vegas, Nevada


While this seems like a no brainer, there is absolutely nothing cliché about Sin City.  As the entertainment capital of the world, Vegas is home to some of the largest and most extravagant hotels and casinos worldwide- yet another reason this glitzy city should be on every young travellers bucket list.  So pack your bags and go test your luck for a weekend of fun with friends!

Rent a car and road trip with friends to see the Grand Canyon, one of the world’s most remarkable wonders, which is only about a five hour drive from Las Vegas.  


5.) Munich, Germany


Attracting over 6 million people annually, Oktoberfest is simply something that just can’t be passed up and is extremely popular amongst college students who study abroad for a semester in Europe.  Get into the spirit and celebrate German culture with beer stein races, bratwurst and pretzels.  Don’t forget to pick up a traditional Bavarian outfit to really soak up the Oktoberfest experience in its entirety.  It is also important to note that Munich is also a fabulous place to visit while Oktoberfest is not taking place because of all the rich history and sites that there are to see.  The Dachau Concentration Camp has been a really popular point of interest and is a must see if you’re in Munich!

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