6 Flirty Floating Eateries

These funky restaurants will leave you floating on cloud nine

1.) Jumbo Kingdom, Hong Kong



This splendid floating restaurant has become a scenic landmark over the past decade for tourists and locals alike.  Situated in Aberdeen Harbour, Hong Kong, Jumbo Kingdom boasts amazing views and has even made an appearance in several renowned films- including Godzilla.  Designed to resemble a Chinese palace, this floating feast is connected to Tai Pak, a smaller restaurant within the ship, and is able to accommodate up to 2,000 diners!  There is no question that Jumbo Kingdom is a must-see when visiting Hong Kong. 

2.) South Steyne, Darling Harbour, Sydney



South Steyne Restaurant and Function Centre sits on Sydney’s spectacular Darling Harbour in a retired steam ship.  Featuring a selection of fresh seafood, salads, and steaks, this eatery offers views of vibrant skylines and sparkling waters.  Perfect for a romantic night out and special occasions alike, the South Steyne will be sure to please.

3.) Rustar Dhow, Dubai



Come onboard for a relaxing dining experience in a luxurious ship with a truly elegant ambiance.  Offering Middle Eastern cuisine, enjoy live entertainment and breathtaking views as you float along Dubai Creek. Rustar Dhow embodies all the characteristics that constitute a fabulous night out!  

4.) Sea Palace Restaurant, Amsterdam



This 3 story pagoda-style restaurant features authentic Cantonese cuisine in an oriental ambiance.  Situated on Lake IJ, enjoy the vivid skyline and city views you will experience while dining at Sea Palace restaurant.  With the option to choose from 3 unique menus, you’re guaranteed to find a dish to please your palate!  

5.) Plastic Dining Room, Vancouver

School of Fish floating DR5


Set on Vancouver’s False Creek, the Plastic Dining Room got it’s unique name from the 1,675 plastic and recycled bottles that were used to build and keep this restaurant afloat. Elegantly enclosed in glass, guests will capture spectacular and clear views of the creek for a lavish dining experience.  Be sure to reserve a table as this first of a kind restaurant only seats 12!        

6.) The BBQ Donut, Germany



Who says bbq’s are only for the backyard? At the BBQ Donut you can voyage at sea while sizzling your favourite treats using an in boat grille.  Sit comfortably around a circular table with up to 10 friends and enjoy the ever changing views you will experience. Rent your own BBQ or simply make a reservation for the ultimate summer cookout!  



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