8 of the Most Colourful Places in the World

Craving colour? These dreamy destinations will be sure to satisfy.  

1.) Lake Hillier, Australia


This pretty pink lake will please the eye but the reason behind its splendid color still remains unsolved. Located off the south coast of Western Australia, Lake Hillier maintains its brilliant hue year round and is not just a trick of light!  A possible theory suggests the body of water gets its color from colonies of red bacteria living in the salt’s crust.  So, bottle it up and bring it home- it will still be pink!

2.) Lavender Fields, France



Drift off into dreamland as you wander through a fragrant field teeming with purple lavender. Experience this stunning scenery in Provence between the months of June and August, when the lavender fields will be in full bloom!  If you want to see the spectacular contrast between lavender and sunflowers, visit the fields in July when the flowers will be in full colour!

3.) Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy



Perched atop cliffs that overlook Italy’s turquoise waters, the village’s candy-coloured homes look even more magnificent with its mediterranean backdrop.  Vernazza is without a question the most beautiful and picturesque town of the five in Cinque Terre.

4.) The Wisteria Flower Tunnel, Kawachi Fuji Gardens, Japan



Home to 150 Wisteria flowers ranging from 20 different species, The Kawachi Fuji Garden’s main attraction is The Wisteria Flower Tunnel.  The garden’s tunnel allows visitors to wander through a path exploding with vibrant flowers.  Late April to May are the prime months to visit The Kawachi Fuji Garden, and is typically its most vibrant at the end of April!

5.) Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park, China 



Also know as the Rainbow Mountains, this landform gets its intense colour pattern from densely packed layers of reddish sandstone and mineral deposits dating back to 24 million years ago- making this site the most naturally colourful place in the entire world.  It is ideal to visit the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park  when the weather is mild and comfortable, and for the ultimate burst of colour visit at sunrise and/or sunset.  

6.) Dubai Miracle Garden, UAE


Exploding with colour, this natural garden was launched on Valentine’s Day in 2013 and boasts over 45 million flowers- making it the World’s Largest Natural Flower Garden!  The Miracle Garden is truly magical with flowers fashioned into shapes including hearts, stars, and pyramids.  Floral displays change every season to give visitors a new and different experience!  The garden operates from October to April, but remains closed during the summer months due to the sweltering heat.  

7.) The Northern Lights, Finland


In Finland experience the world’s most spectacular light show, the Aurora Borealis, which is visible 200 nights a year! Spend the night under the northern lights with a stay in an igloo or suite which offer amazing views of the natural occurring lights.      

8.) Tulip Fields, The Netherlands



Known for its brilliant and vivid landscape, The Netherlands is home to rainbow rows of overwhelmingly beautiful tulips.  Springtime is the most ideal season to experience this striking scenery, when tulips will be in full bloom!    


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