8 Sweet European Escapes for Every Season

Tips on Timing Your Euro Trips by Season

Believe it or not, some things really are better in the winter:

1.) Prague, Czech Republic


Prague in the wintertime is incredibly magical and gives the city an even more mysterious feel than it already has.  Scour the many Christmas markets in Old Town Square but make sure your hands aren’t too full so you can grab a warm beverage at one of Prague’s many quaint cafés!   

Here are some fantastic hand-picked hotels just minutes from the heart of Prague:

2.) Mont Blanc, France


Dreaming of a winter wonderland?  Look no further.  Mount Blanc is the perfect escape for ski bunnies and spa lovers alike.  The French Alps is a dream for those who are looking to spend the weekend hitting the slopes and ending the day with some little ski town shopping and hot chocolate.  If you’re not a fan of snow sports then that’s no problem because Mount Blanc boasts some of the most elegant and luxurious spas in the world- so you can pamper while staying warm.

Travelling to Mont Blanc? Try these top of the line hotels:

In the spring flowers are blooming and these cities will be too!

3.) Amsterdam, Netherlands 

amazing_places_04.jpg flower_market_amsterdam.jpg

Amsterdam in April is the perfect time to frolic through a row of rainbow tulips that will certainly leave your head in the clouds.  Known for its spectacular landscape, The Netherlands is the perfect spring getaway and a great time to visit one of the city’s many colourful flower markets!

Planning your spring escape to The Netherlands?  Here are some hot picks for luxury hotels:

4.) Paris, France


“Paris is always a good idea”, as Audrey Hepburn once said.  She’s definitely got that one right.  Skip the large tourist crowds that usually begin to invade Paris in June and take in the City of Love with visits to the gardens and picnics beneath the cherry blossoms at the Tour Eiffel. Bon voyage!

Dreaming of a picnic in Paris this spring?  Check out these hot hotels near The Champ de Mars:

Ahh.. sweet summertime! Set sail across the majestic islands of these sightly spots:

5.) Greece
Treat yourself to paradise this summer and capture the beauty of dazzling turquoise waters with a trip to the Greek Islands. Travel to Santorini and admire the complete harmony of whitewashed architecture and churches famous for their charm.  Cool off with a trip to Mykonos, Greece’s glamorous island known for its pristine beaches and crystal waters.  

Cooling down this summer in the Greek Islands?  Find the best selections here:

6.) Italy

best-family-trips-amalfi-coast-italy_63433_600x450.jpg 7ec9b1c399effce7cb6d615390412088.jpg

Visit Italy this summer and find yourself swooning over the charming islands of Capri.  If you’re not taking a dip in the waters of one of Italy’s gorgeous beaches, take a trip to Venice and cool down with some delicious gelato.  These are just a few of many reasons why Italy is just exceptional during the months of summer!  And, let’s face it, wine tasting is always better in the summer and there’s no better place to do it than in the vineyards of Tuscany.  Cheers!

Getting ready to pack your bags for a summer in Italia?  Check out these spectacular hotels first:

For the Autumn Lovers:

7.) Ireland


No matter the season, the views you will see at the windswept Cliffs of Moher will never disappoint.  But with autumn in the air, the scenery will look even more outstanding.  Ireland during this season is still mild enough to go outside and enjoy the beautiful landscape, so you can leave your hefty winter coats behind.  For more breathtaking sights in Ireland visit the Ring of Kerry, where you will find a wealth of things to see from majestic castles to spectacular lakes.   

If you’re thinking about travelling to Ireland in the autumn, look into these hot spots:

8.) Scotland


Experience Scotland during autumn and find yourself lusting after its brilliant landscapes.  Roam through the brisk air with a walk through Edinburgh’s Royal Botanical Gardens where you will see an array of beautiful shades that will be sure to please.  And of course you will not want to miss a viewing of the iconic Edinburgh Castle, which looks great any time of the year.

Longing for a gorgeous autumn away?  Try these amazing hotels:

Which season will you choose?

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