With over 270.000 hotels in our current inventory and growing daily, TheR8 Corporate clients can be confident that we have the perfect hotel, wherever their travels may take them. Our systems are backed by some of the biggest and most reputable companies in the industry. We not only provide you with one of the biggest selections of corporate hotels, we also do it at the most competitive rates available. Our clients find themselves saving money on hotel bookings without the hassle and stress of searching and comparing various websites.

Price matching is what’s truly unique about TheR8. We book hotels on behalf of our clients, after they book the hotel, they hope that they have the best rate, but what TheR8 really wants to do is insure that they did. We scour the global market place for any cheaper rates, and if we find one, we automatically process a refund back to your card, without you even having to ask. Every time you book with us, you’ll know you have the best rate. We know that the market is fluctuating, prices are dynamic and they’re changing all the time and we always want to get our customers the best price possible within a 24h window of booking.

Tip: Save up to 45% on hotel bookings in Europe until the 27th of April

Call our free concierge service on 1800 908 254 and one of our travel experts will be happy to assist you with your booking. And of course, after the booking, we price match automatically.



P: 1800 908 254


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