Travel and food go hand in hand. Could you imagine going on a holiday to Italy without tasting the pasta, or to France without tasting Crème Brulee?

Enter the food truck experience in America. Although its increase in popularity over the years has been met with equal resistance, one can’t deny the unique convenience they offer. As the New York Times says, they’ve made food courts out of empty lots and expanded the chow-down choices. Herewith, our guide to a few of the best food trucks in America.

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1: Creme Brûlée Cart, San Francisco

The Creme Brulee Cart, initiated into the food industry in 2009, started out as a way for owner Curtis Kimball to foster a sense of community. By riding around with a pushcart full of creme brûlée and a torch, he was able to do just that. Five years and hundreds of thousand creme brûlées later, this sweet food cart is going strong. The cart offers a wide range of the custard-based dessert including vanilla bean, double chocolate, and coffee and lavender, with toppings like candied pecans, bourbon butterscotch, toasted marshmallows, graham crackers, sea salt and mixed berry compote.


2: Señor Sisig, San Francisco

Another San Francisco favorite is the Filipino-inspired Señor Sisig. Evan Kidera and Gil Payumo are responsible for starting this Filipino/Mexican food cart. Although “sisig” is traditionally made entirely from the pig’s head, the chefs decided that it would be more prudent to go with something more appetizing offering food made with the more meatier pork shoulder. Señor Sisig offers the cut (marinated for 24 hours in the chefs’ special blend of spices) in a burrito, with fries, nachos, steamed rice or salad.


3: Souvlaki GR, New York

A little “Taste of Mykonos” in the heart of New York City’s Lower East Side. Souvlaki GR, has won the Vendy (street food award) for “People’s Choice.” Offering what is sometimes called “the hamburger of Greece,” the menu lists assorted kinds of authentic Greek souvlaki: a combination of charcoal grilled meat, wrapped in a warm pita with tzatziki sauce, tomato, onion and french fries. Popularity of the truck has allowed its owners to establish a storefront, but fans still remain loyal to the peripatetic character of the original food truck bringing in regulars swearing by the authentic Greek cuisine.


4: Eatsie Boys, Houston

Eatsie Boys is a group of three Houston-based food lovers that started out in the industry with a food trailer in 2011. From there it snowballed into an ice cream truck then an intergalactic food truck, and finally a brick-and-mortar shop and cafe. The food truck is a mixture of eclectic food styles offering Asian buns, sandwiches, and pretzel buns with pork belly, marinated chicken, tofu, sausage, bacon, sliced ribeye or ground lamb. Try “Frank The Pretzel” made with homemade chicken poblano sausage, sautéed onions and Grateful Bread wholegrain chardonnay mustard on pretzel bun.

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