Traveling for work doesn’t mean you can’t experience everything a city has to offer. Here’s how to get the most out of your business trip to Beijing, including client-worthy restaurants, easy walking tours, and quick escapes when the meetings are over.


China’s sprawling capital can sometimes overwhelm, but there’s deep history and a vibrant contemporary culture if you know where to go. Doing business in Beijing is excellent. Beijing is the cultural, economic and educational hub of China.
Beijing_landscape_2473347aThe history of business in Beijing is very old and has witnessed an incredible transition since that time.  A business visitor must keep certain things in mind.
The first important thing is the language. English is still not a very popular language in China, and therefore before you visit Beijing for business purpose makes sure that your visiting card has all the information printed in Chinese on the reverse side. Also, people in Beijing are very particular about punctuality, so a visitor must keep in mind the punctuality factor. It must also be appreciated that unlike the Western world people in Beijing are not driven by deadlines. Negotiating a deal may take more than the estimated time and one should be prepared for such a delay.

Mar14_1949Rich and crispy-skinned, Peking duck is Beijing’s signature dish. One of the best versions is at Duck de Chine, an industrial-chic space in the energetic Chaoyang district that’s perfect for a lunch meeting.

After dark, head to the 80th floor of the China World Summit Wing hotel to talk
strategy at Atmosphere, the city’s highest bar. The views stretch for miles, taking in Tiananmen Square and the mountains beyond.


Context Travel has a three-hour, historian-led walk that lets you squeeze in visits to the Forbidden City’s imperial palaces before any late afternoon meetings.

Beijing_Kung_Fu_show_2For a window onto of-the-moment Chinese creativity, turn to the expat American guides at Chart Contemporary, who offer tours of galleries and studios in the 798 Art District.

Watching kungfu shows is an exciting way to spend a free night. The Legend of Kungfu Show is the best one. It is visually stunning with a fast-paced plot and impressive martial art skills.


the-great-wall-2The Badaling section of the Great Wall is closest to town, but it’s often overcrowded. Instead, head about two hours away to the quieter Jinshanling portion—some parts of which are unrestored.

Jingshan Park is situated to the north of Forbidden City. On the top of the hill in the park you can enjoy a view of the whole of the Forbidden City. At sunrise or sunset you can take fine photos of the sunrise and sunset over the imperial palace.

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