Our free concierge service is what’s unique  about TheR8. We always go that extra mile for you, at no cost, because we want you to appreciate what we do and come back to us. Our travel experts are standing by, ready to do whatever they can to turn a good stay, into a great one. Our offline performance and our offline concierge has been a major factor in our clients not only trusting us but also loving and enjoying our service. We want to create loyalty in a market where loyalty didn’t exist. When your concierge books we contact the hotel, we let them know that a VIP guest is arriving, and we try to squeeze out as many extras out of the hotel on behalf of that client, as possible. Upgrading our clients, contacting the hotel direct, pushing for extras, whether it a bottle of wine on arrival, a welcome gift, personalised letter, anything to make our clients know how important they are to us. Further to this if you have cancellations or changes, you can deal directly with your travel concierge so you don’t have to have the stress. That’s very comforting to our clients. The only thing that our clients need to do is look forward to their travel and relax, knowing that they are in safe hands.

We want our clients to book with us and trust us. After they book at the end of every day we scour the global market place for any cheaper rates, and if we find one, we automatically process a refund back to their card, without them even having to ask. This just shows that we are not here just to give you one price and take the sale. We know that the market is fluctuating, prices are dynamic and they’re changing all the time and we always want to get our customers the best price possible within a 24h window of booking.

Curious about our concierge service? Please feel free to call 1800 908 254 and one of our travel experts will be happy to assist you with your booking. http://www.TheR8.com

W: http://www.TheR8.com

E: info@ther8.com

P: 1800 908 254


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